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Aug 13th 2007#177940 Report
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Lomography is a movement/community consisting of people from all over the world. It all started with a bunch of Austrian students who came across the Lomo LC-A camera...

Nowadays they supervise the manufacture of several lo-fi and odd-ball cameras and also resell other russian deadstock cameras and different films along with lots of other cool stuff at

Browsing through the whole site and discovering all the nitty-gritty of lomography is an almost impossible mission, but I assure you that there are plenty of tips & tricks, tutorials and history to be found as well as millions of photos by lomographers worldwide.

The films can be processed at regular labs, but one thing that is common among lomographers is to shoot on regular slide film (positive) and then have the rolls processed as negative film in C-41 chemicals, which gives the colours an extra boost and creates a lovely saturation (VERY different results depending of film brand and you also get different results from different labs!).

The whole movement is too vast to be explained in a simple forum post here, but the 10 rules is a good start to understand the purpose.

The essence of lomography is in those "rules" and I guess you can capture it with pretty much any camera, but the cameras promoted by is a good way to start since they have been tested all over the world and the resources are vast.

The most popular "lomographic" cameras are:
LC-A (original version, not manufactured anymore)
LC-A+ (new version manufactured in china but with the authentic Russian Mintar lens)
HOLGA 120 CFN (and other Holgas)
Fisheye Camera
as well as various plastic fun-cameras like the ActionSampler, SuperSampler, Colorsplash, Oktomat, Frogeye and Pop 9...

Hope this presentation was helpful and that it wets your appetite...
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May 14th 2009#197589 Report
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I ran into this a couple of years ago myself... first it a trademark.. and it used to market a particular kind of camera line... you can do the same thing with your photoshop ... it got start i believe back in the 70 or 80's when it was in poland i believe some comany there made a very cheap camera...... took terrible pictures very saturated , etc.. well they turn that into a markting ploy..... and called lomography .. smiling... it almost a cult type idea or advent-garde .....

these 2 links give you much better discription of what it all about...

myself.. don't both buying the camera just use a good paint program to achieve the effect ... that my thoughts..

trhaynes said:Ever heard of it? I just found out about it today...

I cant even really figure out what it is - I guess a type of photography (lifestyle?) that was inspired by the LOMO camera brand? I really want to try it ... sounds like a lot of fun with great results. Those 10 rules ... pure genius ... its like a poem ...

What do you think?
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Jun 29th 2010#199236 Report
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it almost seems like they keep it kinda secret and mysterious, even on Like they never tell you straight out what it is, just let you make your own interpretations. Maybe thats the kind of people that do it and they want to start doing it. Very interesting in that respect I think.
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