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Comments? Feedback? Critiques? Yes please.

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Jan 1st 2006#171943 Report
Member since: Jan 1st 2006
Posts: 3
Hello !

I've been making graphics for a while but I stopped for around 2 years. I was pretty inspired by a tee shirt designer I met the other day so I started putting up a whole new layout for my website and ended up all into graphics again.. If anyone wants to tell me what they think of everything I've been working on, I'd really appreciate it.

The Myself section (The hand icon) isn't up yet apart from the layout because I honestly am not sure what to put there.. pictures and information about me seems a little pointless.. But either way, the rest works !
So let me know Thanks a lot.
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Jan 2nd 2006#171945 Report
Member since: Sep 6th 2001
Posts: 3893
Well I must say, the art on the site is pretty nice, but why is the entire site so damn big? Personally I hate having to do a lot of scrolling around just to see the stuff on the site.You might want to consider making eveything a bit smaller and more user friendly.

A lot of the layout could be done without the use of flash or at least less flash. Just a thought ;)

Another thing, all of the links open in a new browser window, I would make them open in the parent window.

Other than a few layout issues, I think everything looks pretty interesting. Can't wait to see some more of your work and welcome to TeamPhotoshop
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Jan 2nd 2006#171946 Report
Member since: Jan 1st 2006
Posts: 3
thanks for taking time to look at my stuff !
The reason everything is so big is cause my browser is set to 1280 x 1024
It's pretty much the biggest one possible =P
But you're right, if I want more viewers, I should really reduce everything !

The index page is also simply a portal to the different websites, so getting everything to open in a new window assures that the viewer can return to the portal, but I'll make the links open in the 'parent' window if you think it would improve the user friendliness

One again thanks !
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Jan 3rd 2006#171951 Report
Member since: Jan 2nd 2006
Posts: 2
Hey all, I am looking to buy the H1, P-850, or the S2IS. Can anyone tell me which one has the fastest pic to pic time, in auto mode, with flash, and without flash. Also, is there another camera out there that is faster, that has the same features and about the same price, that I should consider? THANKS MUCH Ray
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Jan 3rd 2006#171953 Report
Member since: Jun 1st 2005
Posts: 436
quando... You will be better off starting your own thread rather than tagging your message onto someone else's, you will likely get more replies.
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Nov 27th 2007#178691 Report
Member since: Nov 27th 2007
Posts: 20
I love it - its individual and unique! Brilliant work! Keep it up
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