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New Here/Feedback

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Apr 25th 2001#2292 Report
Member since: Mar 25th 2001
Posts: 83
That is sweet
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Apr 25th 2001#2307 Report
Member since: Mar 25th 2001
Posts: 507
charm is very opinionated, and yet, I don't think anyone has seen any projects charm has done...

Kinda like complaining because he doesn't have the skills himself...

No offense charm, I have no desire to start a flame war..

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Apr 25th 2001#2312 Report
Member since: Mar 28th 2001
Posts: 1109
people post things here to get opinions. i think if you read my replies you will find that they are very well informed. i don't post my work here because...

a) i don't think the people i am doing the work for would appreciate it
b) i don't need advice from anyone here

some people post 'i like it' or 'nice job'. i give more specific and useful feedback. if i don't like something, i will tell you why. if i do like something i will tell you why.

anyone willing to come to my defense?
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Apr 25th 2001#2316 Report
Member since: Apr 23rd 2001
Posts: 23
Well although he didnt like my image, Charm seems to know what hes talking about and I guess I can respect his opinions. Anyways, more comments!
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Apr 25th 2001#2351 Report
Member since: Apr 5th 2001
Posts: 146
yes, maybe you can tell me how you made that stuff on the very bottom of the picture!! under the triangle and THEGR8ONE
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Apr 26th 2001#2359 Report
Member since: Mar 27th 2001
Posts: 2237

Charm is absolutly right, I've not once seen Charm "Slam" anyone's work.
Not only that but I've seen some VERY good answers and suggestions posted above that lawnmower.
Heck, if you are looking for "that looks great!" show it to your mom.
If I myself dont like wont see much posted from me. If I like it I'll say so, I may not go into detailed specifics, but thats just me.
I commend Charm for being both honest and for the most part tactfull in his responses. (sorry if you are a her)
Also, I don't feel posting something you are doing commercially is good, (for multiple reasons) so I understand completely.

Also lets remember when posting OR reading, We cant see each other faces or body language so things CAN be taken in ways they were not meant. Just because 1 person says they dont like it doesn't mean it isn't good. It also doesn't mean that person HATES it
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Apr 26th 2001#2364 Report
Member since: Mar 16th 2001
Posts: 2421
I didn't mean to change the focus of the topic here. And tornupinside hit it on the head. It can be hard to get a good read sometimes of what someone is thinking by reading words on a forum. My words included. I was just in a smart ass mood and just chimed in. So don't take what I said the wrong way
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Apr 26th 2001#2380 Report
Member since: Apr 12th 2001
Posts: 245
if u take out the motorcycle pics you could use it for an interface..

how did u make the ~ ~ stuff at the bottom?
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Apr 28th 2001#2510 Report
Member since: Apr 23rd 2001
Posts: 23
I just used the wave filter a few times with some different layer modes
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Apr 28th 2001#2520 Report
Member since: Mar 26th 2001
Posts: 73
i like it a lot.
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