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Portfolio for my english class. Need tips

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Nov 15th 2005#171420 Report
Member since: Apr 12th 2001
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Hey guys,

I have to make a portfolio site for my english class. I had an idea of what i wanted to do for the content box (wrinkled piece of paper) but I can't really think of any overall layout in which the content box would blend and work well.

I thought maybe have a sticky note with the links for the navigation, or maybe put a pic of some books at the top of the page with a nav bar under it. As of now I have designer's block, so i'm posting this hoping that someone will post some advice for me.
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Nov 17th 2005#171438 Report
Member since: Nov 6th 2005
Posts: 11
i think that is a awesome design for an english class, appeals to what you are doing and can display everything you want to... top stuff !!
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