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My new site !

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Nov 5th 2005#171251 Report
Member since: Jan 10th 2005
Posts: 55
Hi its been a while since i post!
been so buzy , 2jobs getting back to one job! new girlfriend getting broke working more haaaaa lol i even thaught of stopping graphic design !! !!

anywhay i thaught i should change my website so here it is its still under constrcuction i know the white text in the middle banner is hard to read :P
So i would really like some comment and at the same time theres a new sketch section sure would like to know what you guys think about those sketchy work !

ps: and people like or dont like so be honest even if its hurts :( !!
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Nov 5th 2005#171253 Report
Member since: Feb 17th 2003
Posts: 2450
I like it. It's not bad at all ..but there's some things:

- watch the grammar in places... thee's a "whit" on the splash...
- the splash could be removed alltogether IMO
- why is it so huge? Opera is showing me a 1.1 MB load on the main page?? Is something wrong with my browser?
- maybe some sort of navigation for the drawings? prev - next sorta' thinghy?
- definitely some pics for client portfolio
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Nov 5th 2005#171254 Report
Member since: Jan 17th 2005
Posts: 147
I would really look over the type, it seems as if a little kid wrote it. There are many mispellings and just plain "non-words" all over.

However I do like the layout and design, just clean up the text.
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Nov 5th 2005#171258 Report
Member since: Apr 25th 2003
Posts: 1977
Who's your target audience? If your aiming for professional, then this needs to be cleaned up a bit.

As said before, the type. If it doesn't pass a spell checker, it doesn't belong. I think the type needs to be looked at for a different reason though. The white/black gradient is nice, but only on LARGE "slixart" on the splash. On anything smaller, the text blends with the background (like its cut in half) and readability goes way down! There's 2 ways to fix this. One is to alter the background color. The other is don't make your gradients so extreme...use like off white to a dark gray or lower the scale of the gradient. Like your first "enter" text, that looks good.

Two more points about the text though. Don't use "graphix", it looks cheesy. Also your navigation is too dark. If you want anything bright on the page, this is it. This leads your visitors to your content and this is what you want them to see!!

One last complaint, and thats the "definition of design" which is usually thought of as the #1 "usless trendy noob cheesy filler content" that should be avoided at all costs. Put your latest artwork there, or some info about your self. Something useful to your visitors.

Overall though, a pretty nice design.
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Nov 7th 2005#171278 Report
Member since: Jan 10th 2005
Posts: 55
Thanx mihai and yankeebeen for your coment
-ill correct the spelling (well someone sgonna help me ) thats for sue just didnt have the time : P sorry
-you think i should removed the splash? coz theres a choice of 2 website on it ? :/
-oh when you mean for the drawing , pre, next do you mean like in the drawing page themself like at the bottom next preview or you mean between the drawing art and the sketch ?
--yea i thaught of some pic for the client portfolio , in a close futur !

Thanx rodder for the comment
-yea i think i lower the gradient so its easier to read
- yea graphix is part of my logo right now coz sliXart , graphiX anywhay..
-ok and for the definition after doing the little building and the weird thing on the right side just didnt know what to put in the middle so i put the definition and i was sure someone was going to say something about it he he, yea i saw it in website as newb thing but i think i made it fit there pretty nicely but am planning of changing it every couple of month when i have time ( i mean the overral picture just not the definition !
if theres more comment about the site or the content plz dont hesitate ,
Thank you again
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Nov 7th 2005#171281 Report
Member since: Apr 25th 2003
Posts: 1977
yea graphix is part of my logo right now coz sliXart , graphiX anywhay..

I see what your saying, though it doesn't quite come off that way. I think if you want people to recognize that relationship you need to put emphasis on the "x". For example you could put some fancy curly graphics around it, or just a curve (like "~") through the center of the it (similar to the lines at the top/bottom).
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Nov 8th 2005#171293 Report
Member since: Jan 10th 2005
Posts: 55
yea maibe , thaught i think its gonna look to buzy if i put stuff around the x
we wont know were to look ,but if i have time ill try to come up whit some thing !
and i updated the client page now you can acces the website i done in the past .!
and do you think its good idea to post my sketch even if theyre not my best drawing ?
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Nov 8th 2005#171300 Report
Member since: Oct 14th 2005
Posts: 1
Maybe just re-doing the whole enter page? and then you could make the whole GraphiX thing a little better? I dunno just what i would do? hmmm lol
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