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337 Media Studios 3005

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Jan 11th 2005#164650 Report
Member since: Jan 10th 2005
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k not much to say but lets go
i dont think theres really a need for flash here ,you could do the rollover whit pics and the animation at the start i didnt notice it after like the 5click !

yes you could put it smaller its big , that "hear our beat, view are artwork ect"
its big !!they look like they vbeen trown in there the black side i dont know i just dont really like it but ha and at the "enter" page i just dont like the text saying enter site enter forum you could do an image for it but at the same time the logo take alot of place and yea looks like bling bling you could go for something better for the main page logo its to big and hmm cheap ? is that the word i gess everything vbenn say in the other reply...

and dont get mad were trying to help ..
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Jan 12th 2005#164673 Report
Member since: Nov 19th 2003
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[QUOTE=skettalee](- -)

New website design. What do you think of it?[/QUOTE]

I personaly like clean/easy to navigate small design...your site is just too big, everything is centered and there is no consistency in page(s) layout. Also, there is no logo, top image looks like a banner. Navigation elements are just too big. Also, everything is bold, whole about section is bold and really long. You may consider making the layout easy to read. for example put it as a 2 or 3 Column design so that a reader doesn't have to read those long lines. EDIT: everytime you finish reading long line of text your eye has to refocus on the following line making reading unpleasent, if you make your lines of text smaller it would be readable...

Here are some resources check them out:

I hope that helps...

~ Alen
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