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Do you agree.

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Apr 24th 2004#148804 Report
Member since: May 13th 2003
Posts: 644
well i charged $250.00 US. for this site.
i did everything you see the logo and all, the client ("my friend") didt
suply me with squat. What do you think? I really just did it to see how it
would come out. You think this is ok. I kind of like it. I work on it from time to time trying to see what i can do to make it a little better for him. So what do you guys think.
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Apr 24th 2004#148823 Report
Member since: Apr 25th 2003
Posts: 1977
Well, i dont quite agree with the $250.00 US. Reason being the site is too simplistic. Now im probably the last guy to talk to about prices, but in my mind the iframe rather than full static pages brings the price down, the header/nav are too simple and the splash page is less than desirable.

Now overall the site is ok. I also understand most band sites arent the most creative/artistic sites out there. Its usually more user friendly than eyecandy. With that in mind I have a few suggestions (some i already mentioned).

-The first, the IFRAME. I cant take those. Maybe for a small news box, but for a full page it aint cuttin it. Also its extremely simple to make those full static pages, so why go through the trouble with the frame? Nevermind that you would only have 1 scroll bar instead of 2.

- Now the iframe background....why is it white??? Its too much contrast with the rest of the site, nevermind it breaks consistency with the color. If you dont want may be able to pull of a dark gray.

- As i mentioned before the nav. The only real problem i see is the size. If you knock down the pts maybe 5-8pts and spaced them out a little it would be ok. They're kinda squezed in there. You may encounter a problem with the font though......being smaller they would appear more you may have to rasterize and brightness/contrast them.

- I mentioned the header being simple....well its ok. I dont think the header would drive up the $$$, but as im thinking about it right now i guess its cool. I mean "dj chino" kinda says it all..its effective to a certain extent.

-Now the splash......ditch the table border, it only conflicts with the edges of the screen. Also that much white around the splash is crazy. You could also use a dark gray here if you wanted. Now the actual splash.......i like the glass-ice kinda text! But its kinda alone....something really needs to be in the background..or somewhere just to give it a more solid feel.

- and the last crit (sorry...i write too much) is the text on the home page, its sitting right on the edge of the screen. It just needs to be bumped over maybe ~5px.

on a side note : Id be cool if you could get access to the New Cd's artwork. I think the red/grunge could have a lot of possibilites.

Again....overal its ok. Few tweaks? yeah....but thats to be expected.
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Apr 25th 2004#148848 Report
Member since: Mar 25th 2002
Posts: 1143
I disagree with Rodder but only on a minor point.

The site is simplistic, but I do feel it was well worth the asking price (in all probablitity). Even if you worked for £15 pounds an hour you would easily chalk up the £250 notes +.

Depending on the logo usage and on the client I would expect a more reasonable amount to be in the region of £250 - £10'000. Obviously the lesser amount is normal to us mere mortals.;) The point stands. You are underselling your services in this and many aspects.

I suppose the only question that stands is - Can you deliver?

I suppose as long as your clients are happy then you should be happy. If you want to progress in a major way though you are going to have to consider such diverse subjects as usability testing and code validating.

If you are just a designer and not a coder too, then disregard much of the above, but you should still expect more from your work.
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Apr 25th 2004#148864 Report
Member since: May 13th 2003
Posts: 644
thank you both. I apreciate the long C&C rodder, its very helpfull. Rodder what browser are you using? i tested in IE and ther iframe is totally transparent. I get no white at all in the whole page. And i never get 2 scrollbars...what resolution did you see it under?
I will try your suggestions on the splash.
thehermit, i totally agree with your statement but understand that this is my first site ever i havent even finished with my own personal site yet. And this is a so call friend.
And you are right the big question for many people is "can you deliver", im just starting out you know so i really have to do as much as i can and make it the best quality i can deliver.
Ill try out some things and post up here for review later.
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Apr 25th 2004#148867 Report
Member since: Apr 25th 2003
Posts: 1977
Im using opera 7 w/ 1024x768.

Im not sure about transparency support w/ opera and i dont get those nice fades/colored scroll bar (that i get in IE).

About the scrollbars.....i wasnt paying attention. You dont have 2 scrollbars (you only have the iframe one). I didnt realize the main scrollbar wasnt there. My bad.
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Apr 25th 2004#148872 Report
Member since: May 27th 2002
Posts: 627
no fair for my first website for my friends i got £50 including logo design.... thats like 75$.
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Apr 25th 2004#148893 Report
Member since: Mar 29th 2003
Posts: 1326
Oh man...

I really shouldn't be talking, since I did some pretty ****ty client work for way too much money a while ago (I've since stopped since I realized my skills weren't up to scratch), but judging from this site, I don't think that you should be doing client work at all. I'm not saying that mine are, but I dont think that your skills are anywhere near enough to be professional.

First, I see a badly put-together, unnecessary splash page with a photoshop action-ed title and an ugly misspelling of "with". Then I click that, and a new window opens, unneccessarily invading the browser's space. There is a reason the target attribute is deprecated in most DTD's. In any case, I then see a different photoshop action-ed title above some grunge links. Why grunge? You've got plastic right next to grunge? And then next to that there is an MS Paint-looking graphic (is that the logo you were talking about!?) with bad .jpeg compression on the right. What is it, anyways? If thats DJ Chino, he needs some sort of facelift and some cooler headphones ... then below that you have your standard Times New Roman bold newbie body text and some JS on the right that causes his latest release to rise out of the bottom. That will definitely make me buy that album. Or view him on "Thrudsday" in Queens. Please don't be flattered by all those idiots signing the "G_Book" and saying that the site is "tough". And I haven't even gotten into the coding of it ... :(

I've seen some people start out with webdesign and design some sites like this for themselves, which is fine. But to charge actual money for this kind of **** really frustrates me, as well as all of the professional designers on here I'm sure.

Maybe I'm overreacting, but just because you have a copy of PS, and Dreamweaver or Frontpage doesn't mean that you're a professional webdesigner.
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Apr 26th 2004#148924 Report
Member since: Jul 31st 2001
Posts: 34
250 bucks if you are smoking crack!
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Apr 26th 2004#148930 Report
Member since: Apr 25th 2003
Posts: 1977
^^ helpful :rolleyes:
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Apr 26th 2004#148944 Report
Member since: May 13th 2003
Posts: 644
yeah i know what you mean rodder this guys are so helpfull, hatefull would be a better term, but hey thanks anyways just makes me try harder thats all. I know it sounds crazy but sometimes "hatefull" words could be a good thing.
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