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Is it ok?

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Feb 16th 2004#142345 Report
Member since: Feb 17th 2003
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It is not a bad font...there are no bad fonts - only bad instances - it sorta fits somehow so I don't think that's an issue.

However Alyssa - the age issue may be a problem. I mean weddings are (most of them anyway) for younger people. Unless you only wish to cater to the needs of middle aged and third age people wanting to get married I think pics of more varied age groups would be welcome on the packages page. I am sure you are not as "old" a lady you make yourself - the avatar you chose speaks of playfulness and vivid color - choices of younger people. While the washed out purple on the site bg may be pleasing and comforting for more mature people looking for stability and commitment - remember that this is not the description of a wedding - rather that of a marriage. A wedding is not the commitment itself but a bold statement - a leap of faith - an adventure. So I think that maybe the color is not serving its purpose very well. At least in my oppinion. I am as they say "ripe for marriage" - slightly slinding into the "old boy" category so I think I represent at least part of your target. I like the fact that you went off from the mainstream in your choice of pictures. Most people would have gone for the anorexic girl/wide jawed college boy look. On the other hand...maybe those have their place too...It all depends on your target. The way I see your site now it does not appeal much to me as a potential client - but I like it style wise - with the possible exception of the bg color as I said.

On the technical side - you have a major browser compatibility problem - try navigating your site in Opera and see how you like it....

Oh and - don't leave the forum - we sorely miss feminine touch here - Mara is holding her end bravely but there's only one of her and so many starved, hormone ridden young males here....
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Feb 16th 2004#142363 Report
Member since: Mar 25th 2002
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Well I see that this thread has picked up some momentum since I last looked;)


Not that my criticisms will come any easier, but my age is 31 and for the last 17 years I have been involved with emerging web technologies. I think I have earnt the right to comment on your work when you canvas opinion. I am also a professional digital retouch artist with my roots planted firmly in the darkroom.

You should check to see that your site works in as many forms possible, without checking I am dubious as to your dropdown menu's function in other browsers to IE.

There is no need to choose web safe colour any more either, you have as much as stated that you will not be wishing to translate this site into any other digital medium such as PDA's and web safe colours went out with green screen monitors;)

My comments about your sites status still stand though, unless your content is fully developed there is a distinct disadvantage to putting up "coming soon" placeholders, this would be negated if you have the site on a development server. My comments about your name leading to your email address also stand, even if it is more work for you, although it would cut down on the work in the long run to make it HTML and not a graphic.

You must also allow for the fact that your site will have a broader range of visitors than many other sites and that this range of people may have vastly different needs to the 'normal' base of users. Have you provided Alt links for all of your images? Can the site be read in a text only browser, such as Lynx? Can your content be read by a screen reader? (invaluable for partially sighted users). All of these are considerations that should be accounted for.

As for the choice of font, I think it looks ok as is, I would be tempted to change the colour to a darker tone and lose the stroke around it (referring to your title). I would also lose all the drop shadows on the text, it gives the effect of blurring and adds to the indistinctness of it.

To be honest it is very difficult to give you any more of an appraisal without seeing some of your content in place. I can however put you in touch with more like minded individuals, also you will be pleased to hear that the average age is also slightly more around the middle-aged mark;) they have an active challenges section and a thriving forum, you may also be interested in the forums at DP Review they have a fairly busy retouching forum too and a final link for you

Will be interested to see what your site looks like with content padding it out.
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