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looky looky

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Jul 9th 2001#7996 Report
Member since: Apr 16th 2001
Posts: 759
take a look at my first shot at a website. I know it needs alot of work. Any suggestions woudl be great.
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Jul 9th 2001#7998 Report
Member since: Jun 20th 2001
Posts: 374
i think the site looks great except for a couple of things:

** the font you used to write "cracked egg" in doesnt really appeal to me that much, it doesnt seem that "official," but what you did to the font makes it look great

**maybe u could lighten up the news section so the text would be easier to read, and stray away from times new roman

otherwise, i think its awesome
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Jul 9th 2001#8001 Report
Member since: Apr 16th 2001
Posts: 759
well your not gonna believe how easy it was to make the teck liek that.
Step 1: Write some text in white then raterize the layer

Step 2: you need eyecandy4000. Just apply the glass filter with a puple colour and there it is

you might have to play with the colours.
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Jul 9th 2001#8031 Report
Member since: Jul 7th 2001
Posts: 31
Where can we get eye candy4000?
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Jul 9th 2001#8044 Report
Member since: Mar 18th 2001
Posts: 6632
Like I said before you even put the text on there, it's *really* hard to read the content text. I would leave your site in about 4 seconds if I wasn't coming to it from here. Like I said before, the top is nice, but simplify the bottom a lot. Two colors at most. I know it's hard to take out a design element that looks cool... But if people can't read the site, then they aren't going to stay long, and they won't return. So what's the point of having pretty graphics if no one looks at them?
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Jul 9th 2001#8056 Report
Member since: Mar 25th 2001
Posts: 507
you can purchase Eyecandy 4000 at I think.

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Jul 9th 2001#8105 Report
Member since: May 9th 2001
Posts: 399
Very cool.......Looks great!
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Jul 9th 2001#8112 Report
Member since: Apr 16th 2001
Posts: 759
thnx guys now i gonna go and try fix some things. I will update ya on it.
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Jul 9th 2001#8126 Report
Member since: May 28th 2001
Posts: 365
I like the font, the font color, what you did with it, and how it kinda does look like the contents of an egg (the glossy-ish effect). The main contents page is a tiny bit long in comparison to the navbar section on the left. I also think the sidebar/navbar thing to the left is too fat...I think you should crop some of the right and a teeny bit of the left out to make it skinnier. The tatooz font rocks, looks nice as an abstract logo-ish thing on the sidebar. The corona effect around the tatooz font looks good too. The About is spelled ABout...need that b lowercase!
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Jul 10th 2001#8128 Report
Member since: Jul 8th 2001
Posts: 180
I haven't read all the previous posts so I might repeat a lot of things, sorry if i do

I think the cracked egg text should be a little easier on the eye to read, it took me a while to figure out that word was egg.

I think its a little hard to read the news text, try to create a little more contrast there (if u agree with me )

I run my comp at 1024x768 , your page is shifted over to the left. try position those tables so that they center in the browser to adjust to different resolutions. ( Instead of aligning them to the default or left side, make them centered )

Where did you get the script for that scrolling text? I've seen it in a few places and i think I wanna use it.
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