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Logo + Web Design

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Apr 5th 2009#197228 Report
Member since: Apr 5th 2009
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As the title says, looking for some one to make a logo and also someone to do a website, ive seen some of your guys work and its amazing. So for those interested, preferably students or the like, as its cheaper, but this is a for anyone. i just need this done nice, So heres waht i am looking for:
first we need a logo, and base the site around that. The name is "Auto Ink". We want something simple, clean, noticeable, just overall professional. Thinkin green maybe, i dunno, just a color that comes to mind when i think clean etc, but your the creative one. The slogan is 'driving your company forward'

The website would just be a series of simple pages, ie. information, pictures, contact info, the only challenging thing would be if we decided to implement a form of some sort also.

Thoughts? you are free to let your creative genious run free lol, as we are photoshop/graphical n00bs. Also, how much would something like this run me?

Thks again guys, cant wait. pm / email me
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Apr 8th 2009#197251 Report
Member since: Apr 8th 2009
Posts: 1
hi there,
it is amazing and i love to work on it.
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Apr 12th 2009#197297 Report
Member since: Apr 12th 2009
Posts: 3
i wouldnt mind helping-im ace at combining html with flash and graphics give me a shout if u want help
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Apr 16th 2009#197327 Report
Member since: Apr 14th 2009
Posts: 1
I learned more about html. And flash. I added news stories from the yahoo news oddly enough wire
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May 6th 2009#197510 Report
Member since: May 6th 2009
Posts: 1
It sounds like very interesting. I like this methord very much. Thanks . And I think about it. bridal hair accessories
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