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Anybody seen mihai? Just need some help with vector

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Mar 22nd 2007#176587 Report
Member since: Mar 24th 2003
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My job has me working with kids. And now our department needs about 5 posters for new hires that work with kids. Our department is broken up into two divisions, a literacy program and an outdoor activities program.

So I'm doing the posters, but for some reason, no one has the original logos in .eps or .ai so I'm trying to convert the things into vector.

I'm not used to Illustrator and I've been going through tutorials and all, but no dice. I need more practice at Illustrator.

The two logos are these here: Dash & Stretch

Any help would be greatly appreciated, and since Mihai is king at Illustrator, I was wondering if anybody knew where he was at so I could get his input. Thanks a million.

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Mar 22nd 2007#176590 Report
Member since: Apr 5th 2001
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Heya Zerimar!
I would contact him through his website, I think he's rather busy and doesn't come around anymore.
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Mar 22nd 2007#176591 Report
Member since: Mar 24th 2003
Posts: 586

You're right, Mihai is busy right now and I actually got a hold of him through is site and he replied. But I still look forward to some posts in regards to this in case anyone knows of any tuts on tracing or converting a bitmap to vector.

I know Illustrator CS2 uses Live Trace, but I have CS, so it's not in there, so with the limited knowledge I have, I'm tracing one logo for now to see what the turn it is like.

But I'd like to hear any other ideas out there that might help. Thanks again for the info man.

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Mar 28th 2007#176635 Report
Member since: Jan 1st 1970
It's ALL in the pen tool. Learn it, live it, love it.

I have to create presentation samples with customer's logos all the time, and the only easy access to them is usually a little gif on their website. I have to trace logos just to get them done in time.

That said, Mihai is faster than fast with da' pen tool... listen to the master.
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Mar 29th 2007#176638 Report
Member since: Mar 24th 2003
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Thanks for the post man. I actually gave it a shot and the thing turned out pretty good. I took the small gif images into photoshop, blew them up on resolution to 300dpi, then did a "Save for web" so it would save it at the larger size, but at a resolution of 72.

Then I took that into Illustrator, locked it and traced that sucker. Both logos actually came out pretty good. In the process I got a little courageous and lost the fear of working with anchor points, and learned that the less I would use at times, gave me a cleaner result on some areas.

I would love mihai to take a look at them though, just to give me some feedback or something, but all in all, I learned how to work it a bit more. I'm looking at alot of vector stuff now and I'm lovin' it.

I hope to spend more time on Illustrator during Spring Break (next week...woohooo!!!!).

Thanks again for the post, it was good to hear from you.

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