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how? File protection on PHP

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Mar 6th 2006#172251 Report
Member since: May 6th 2004
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i, now, know how to protect a .php page(through Php5) using session management, the problem is, i don't know how to protect some of my files(except .php) like .html, .swf .jpg etc. If the user got the direct link of that particular file, i want them to see "You need to login to view this image/file!" on their screen, .htaccess is very complicated to use since i am using a mysql db.

any ideas?

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Mar 6th 2006#172252 Report
Member since: Mar 18th 2001
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Depending on your host, most control panels for your hosting account will have an easy point-and-click way to add the .htaccess protection to any folder. My host uses cPanel and I can do it really easily.
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