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Java popup script messing up IE

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Jan 6th 2006#171964 Report
Member since: Aug 9th 2001
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Hello long time no see :D

I have a problem, and the problem is only arising in IE. I have to make a local version of my website so that i can stick it on a CD (to hand out to professionals etc). My website is .The as you can see, if you go to my site in IE, everything works fine, the flash popups work fine and everything is good. The moment i try running the site from a local folder, however, IE gives one of those popup blocker thingys which you have to accept. So you click accept and the flash file loads. However, the popup link on the right stop working. Im presuming the pop up blocker is stopping a wee script i have in the index.html which handles popups from flash. Here's the script..

(script language="JavaScript")
function spawnWindow(URL,Name,features) {,Name,features);

function MM_openBrWindow(theURL,winName,features) { //v2.0,winName,features);

(replacing the square brackets with normal brackets for forum)
What baffles me is, however, why does this only happen when i try running my site locally, and it never happens to my online site. Any suggestions? The site simply must run in IE, theres no way about it.

The site runs fine locally on Opera, and probably ok on Firefox too :( Stupid IE..
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Jan 6th 2006#171965 Report
Member since: Jan 4th 2006
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Is this the same thing I am going to have to do with my prob of getting numbers from the index color table in PhotoDelux?

Am I going to have to write a java app and call the app. The app has pixil get and put methods. What do you think? :o
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Jan 17th 2006#172010 Report
Member since: Apr 18th 2005
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It probably depends on whether the URL parameters you are passing to your Javascript functions are relative or absolute? If you've made them absolute, they'll work fine online, but give you problems offline. Try making the URL paths relative ones.
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