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CSS problemos...I've been staring me blind...

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May 23rd 2005#168336 Report
Member since: Feb 7th 2002
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Hey, you....

I have been staring at this shieze for ever it seems. I can't get it to work...It's possible that the CSS looks a lil bit funny right now, 'coz I really don't know where I'm at anymore....

The page: Smerenka

The CSS: stylesheet

In IE this right hand blue extends to the bottom of the page, but not in Mozilla...What am I doing wrong ?

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May 24th 2005#168356 Report
Member since: Apr 20th 2002
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I believe the problem lies in the fact that Mozilla takes the attribute "height: 100%" and set it as "height: (viewer's screen res height)", in my case 864 (actually, I think Opera and IE do this as well). Normally, the div container stretches out as long as needed to fit the content inside, allowing the background to repeat itself, but since the content and sidebar isn't actually "physically" stretching the container as they themselves grow longer -- probably due to the relative or float attr --, it'll remain at that default 864.

Perhaps a fix for this would be putting both the content and sidebar divs inside the container div and position it using absolute, which would relieve the float attr. and quite possibly stretching the background to the bottom. This is just my method of achieving the same layout as you have.

P.S. the layout goes to hell on my Opera right now, will check back later to see if it's an isolated incident.
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