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using tables.... DRIVING ME INSANE! how do i use pictures?

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Sep 20th 2004#160342 Report
Member since: Feb 5th 2004
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Hello, i am using tables to put the layout of my design into my dreamweaver web site...
I have done the classic of cutting up my pictures to peices to put inside the table using photoshop (cropping them to exact measurements .... But everytime the table wont let me move it to where i tell it to! I cant take control of one cell it always wants to do everything to everything else. its killing me because my site design has a line going like this:


there is a menu in that left bit and logos and text above the top line and under bottom line and content in middle. but it just wont have it. i have tried cutting it up in so many different ways... is there some trick i am missing??? please help! is what i have so far...
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Sep 20th 2004#160347 Report
Member since: Mar 18th 2001
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If you used CSS you wouldn't even need to use graphics, since they are just lines...

You could use something like this to generate the CSS for you, then just put in your Logo.

Or something from here:

Or here:
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