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horizontal scrollbar grrrrr

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Jul 16th 2004#155731 Report
Member since: Jul 12th 2004
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hi everyone, so this is my first post, but i've been hanging around the forum for awhile looking/reading/checking out websites, etc. and finally got up the nerve to post (or rather, i had a question that i couldn't find an answer to). my entire css knowledge is comprised of 3 days studying w3schools and other tutorials, so i hope i haven't mangled it too much.

working website:

it's not "up" yet, so links broken, pages missing, etc. but the problem is the horizontal scrollbar i'm getting for the whole index.html, it might be a typo somewhere, but i've gone over the code a few times and still can't find what's causing it..

THE QUESTION (finally): is there a tag (html/css/other?) to disable the horizontal scrollbar for the whole browser window?

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Jul 19th 2004#155919 Report
Member since: Feb 18th 2004
Posts: 736
From looking at this, if it is accurate, you can only disable just the horizontal scroll in Mozilla. For IE, you have to disable both.
But what you might want to put in your CSS code is:
body{overflow-y:scroll; overflow-x:hidden;}[/code]

This only works for browsers that support it, which I'm guessing isn't IE.
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