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Mozilla / Javascript problem(s)... :(

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Jan 5th 2004#136208 Report
Member since: Dec 9th 2003
Posts: 180
can someone please tell me why my gallery code doesn't work in Mozilla ? (it works fine in IE6)
When I click on an image in Mozilla, nothing happens...i don't even get a lousy error.

this is the gallery:

code on page to call an image
[CODE][b][a HREF="#" onmousedown=loadimage('7') class="categorypics"] ---thumbnail image here--- [/a][/b][/CODE] (a simple "link" to "#" there the "onmousedown" does the actual action)

code in js file for "loadimage"
function loadimage(im,op)
if (checkb.checked ){
if (!op=="1"){'dgal.html?picnum='+im+'&nw=yes','nwin','width=800,height=440,resizable=yes,scrollbars=yes,status=no,left=10');}else
window.location.href ='dgal.html?picnum='+im;
// the "op" param is optional

[/CODE] (if checkbox on page is checked, page that shows image is opened in new window...if not, page that shows image is opened in same window. The "op" param is to choose a window size format)
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Jan 6th 2004#136350 Report
Member since: Aug 29th 2003
Posts: 97
Maybe it's because Mozilla only lives by the W3C standards, whilst IE is compatible with all kinds of weird coding. Try checking your code...

BTW, I'm just guessing (dunno crap ;) :D )
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Jan 11th 2004#137205 Report
Member since: Dec 9th 2003
Posts: 180
I got it to work by adding an ID to the checkbox and using getElementById to point to the object.
Apparently Mozilla doesn't like objects that aren't "defined".
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