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Web Tools

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Aug 19th 2002#65266 Report
Member since: Mar 16th 2001
Posts: 2421
Web Tools
--Dead/Broken Link Checkers
--Code Validators
--Anything else you can think of

Dead/Broken Link Checkers:


Thanks Fattboy ;)
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Aug 21st 2002#65556 Report
Member since: Jun 30th 2001
Posts: 447
Can't forget me!

-CHMOD Helper
-RGB to Hex/Hex to RGB Converter
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Apr 18th 2003#100290 Report
Member since: Jul 6th 2002
Posts: 316
CSS validator from the w3c

html validator form the web design group

link checker from the w3c

html "tidy" from the w3c (tidies up your html (indents, etc)

And of course the original html validator (it also checks xhtml and some xml i think

list of websafe-colors with HEX and RGB codes (also has lots of shades of color (left hand top nav bar)

this thing actually compares your code to you content and gives it a ratio... kinda a novalty to some, but interesting to say the least...

All the CSS properties listed and organized with examples
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Apr 18th 2003#100295 Report
Member since: Jan 9th 2003
Posts: 60
Free short URLs
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Apr 30th 2005#167929 Report
Member since: Apr 30th 2005
Posts: 1
This is an good article explaining DOs and DONTs about html validators and has links to some:
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May 8th 2009#197526 Report
Member since: May 8th 2009
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