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Paid Web Hosting:

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Oct 17th 2004#161438 Report
Member since: Feb 5th 2004
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I have been using midphase for almost a year now and havent had any trouble lately. 8 bucks a month unlimited bandwidth and free domain. Cant go wrong haha.
When i first signed up they where switching servers and moving or something and had some problems but that was only the first month. Glad I stuck with them even though i could have gotten a refund with 30 day money back if not satisfied. Midphase + $65 Referral for me through this link Check them out... fast support and site i think. After going to that link type in givefive for 5 months free webspace when you buy 7 months... type this in browser this offer ends 3/05/05 and I have just resigned up with this company BTW (2/17/05) going on two years NO problems.
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