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Crit me baby!

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Jul 31st 2010#199639 Report
Member since: Jul 31st 2010
Posts: 2
Ok as you can tell from my Post count this is my first WOOO!

but back to the point, i want you to crit my work, obviously some troll is thinking YEAH, ok mate your time to shine ;D...

i have been doing photoshop for around 2 years, but as i am only 15 i have been doing it serious for around 4 months now.

the first peice is a youtube channel picture, this was aimed at the target audience of teens so i wanted it to be pretty fly not too profesinal so to speak looking as the guy i made it for is a rapper and he would probably be like WTF dude im not a hairdresser etc etc.. here it is:

ok, for the second peice you really need to see the stock to show you what i have done to it i will upload them together i guess, but what i was aiming to do was turn this nice stock photo into something to make your eyes make love to the picture, but with my experiance, it didnt come out as sexy as i thought it would but it was ok for the little experiance i have..


My version:

ok all critisizm is aproved, to all tolls try to be nice but dont be affraid to be constructive. i have strong shoulders so hit me, i want to learn, more than anything really.. and thats the only reason i joined this forum..

Before anyone asks Ekko Creationz is a name i came up with for my trademark, just incase you thought i leeched picture :D

Thanks alot,
xG4ZZ - Gary Thompson

P.S, i know my spelling is F**K**G Dreadfull, i would like to apolagize if this hurts the trolls feelings out there, but i have not got chrome or safari on my mothers laptop. x

Much love to the people that hate, ik you gotta hate :D
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Aug 18th 2010#199964 Report
Member since: Dec 18th 2001
Posts: 411
Nice work for your first time!! I actually like the youtube channel pic, but im not sure about the colours to be honest.. the 2nd is pretty standard, but the effects you have applied make it look cool. I would lay off the layer styles on the type though..
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