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Are you genius artist..?

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Mar 14th 2009#196985 Report
Member since: Mar 14th 2009
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Hi All,
my name " MFA ", this is my short name, i'm programmer, specially in game programming, nowadays i planning develop my first video game, really, i put the game idea, i have original good idea, i started in programming, but the big problem is game graphics, i hope find here an artist worked well by photoshop or other painting program to paint the graphics..

if you have more time and can help me, i'll be pleased with you..
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Jul 3rd 2009#197921 Report
Member since: Jul 2nd 2009
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I like the game programming very much. It provides the different ideas to put up and something crazy you can built.

I am ashish and i am learning photoshop and i go through the site and it provide me a help and its graphics section is so nice. I think you just try it out.

Hope it will work for you!

Take Care
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