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Ultimate care wallpaper

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Sep 23rd 2001#16981 Report
Member since: Sep 15th 2001
Posts: 33 (800x600) (1024/768)

its kind of like catscratches wallpaper but different. the car looks fuzzy because it wasnt suppose to be made that big :( plz give comments and rate it
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Sep 23rd 2001#16984 Report
Member since: Jul 8th 2001
Posts: 180
looks, good, looks a little bit too much like catscratches. but its done well. You outta look for pics that are already large so as to retain quality, that could really add to it. It's a bit too busy to the right of that middle part, 1 faded emage will do. get rid of that blurry text at the bottom or redo it to actually be readable ( i kno its cuz u blew up the image).
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Sep 24th 2001#17028 Report
Member since: Sep 14th 2001
Posts: 409
Looks very good ... the only bad thing is the quality of the back image ... It's *very* hard to find decent images on the net :(

Perhaps 21knight is right bout the middlepart ... I would only use the text on the left ... and the "open" car on the left ...

I like the colors of the wallp. and the way the background covers the koenig, well done

Also a very great car ;)

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