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right or wrong track (penguin)

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Sep 18th 2001#16539 Report
Member since: Aug 9th 2001
Posts: 14
I am doing a Linux Zimbabwe penguin, I am not sure if I am on the right road here so any input will be good.
There are no arms yet, or wings rather.
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Sep 19th 2001#16600 Report
Member since: Sep 15th 2001
Posts: 60
Ummm. It looks like a start.

First off, the head is too "bottle" shaped. It is quite larger (in width) than that in scale to the body. Next, on the feet, bevel, but don't emboss. The bottom of the foot is flat, not warped (like tread). Beak = thinner. Your yellow color could use a bit of an orange tint added to it. Sorry if I'm being critical. When I first saw it, I though, "Sure, it looks fine." But now I'm looking at the actual image, alongside yours, and that's what sticks out to me.

Here's a link to an image that someone made (about the same size as well, but a little smaller). It even goes into detail of how it made it (I think, I'm just going by the pictures of the steps, I didn't actually read the page).

And here's the page:

Akuta Same
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Sep 25th 2001#17174 Report
Member since: Sep 24th 2001
Posts: 17
i think u are on to a good start. Like most of our art, it could use a little work here and there...but i think it looks pretty did u do the feet; copy/paste, or did u make them? (no offense meant)

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Sep 26th 2001#17248 Report
Member since: Jun 9th 2001
Posts: 157
head is a bit too small I think
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