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WIP: New design for Pictures Loaded

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Feb 20th 2008#179197 Report
Member since: Apr 25th 2004
Posts: 74
I am making a new site layout for the website and I would like to get some feedback o my progress. It's very tough designing a whole new look for a site, so tell me what you think. I have 2 mockups:

Any feedback would be appreciated because I'm in sort of a pickle here.. having a creative block.

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Feb 24th 2008#179231 Report
Member since: Feb 20th 2008
Posts: 2
To make it more attractive - perhaps change the colors ? Add effects - something a bit more jolly and eye catching.

The perspective look is good though ;) nice work on that. Classy design. Just need that lil touch to make it attractive.
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Mar 15th 2008#179374 Report
Member since: Apr 25th 2004
Posts: 74
hmm... are you suggesting filling in the content area? what do you think of the dark background?
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