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Hiring 1 Talented Graphic's Artist

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May 1st 2007#176873 Report
Member since: May 1st 2007
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CheckSix, a professional gaming team ( ), is hiring 1 talented graphics artist to do promotional graphics and news banner graphics like the ones you see above the news posts on our site now.

Please be serious about this, it is not too much work and there are benefits. If you prove yourself, over time you will be sent product from our sponsors.

Please Email me at [email][/email] with your Name, Age, and Portfolio. You may also respond in this thread.

The quality of work we are looking for should rival that of the flash banners on this site...

Thank you.
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May 19th 2007#176983 Report
Member since: May 18th 2007
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Interested. Please email me. I am having problems with my email where I can't send emails, but I can reply to them.

If you can please email me that would be great. Thanks
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