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My Collection of Crap (56k warning)

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Jan 24th 2007#176022 Report
Member since: Jan 24th 2007
Posts: 3
hi all, just registered here after searching around for ps forums for a bit. supposed to be a good one here. I've been using photoshop for a few years now, maybe 3. Both my video/digital photo teacher thought i had some cool stuff. (im in high school). Most of it is abstract eye candy. I use CS, heres some things ive done. hope you like it

High Res Burner:
Planet, not based on any real one, maybe mars, called high res because it used to be 1024 by 768, now its big

pretty colors

(i think i have an updated version of this one, ill check l8r)



Basically, 5th attempt at anything having to do with PSCS

PA Big Wall:
a wallpaper i made for me and my brothers and friends' music group. probly only cool if you've never used photoshop

Red Sunrise:
Sun rise at moses lake, washington. i put in the planet from burner


Cracked Burner (Work in Progress):
took burner and crack it open, still trying to make it look realistic.

thats all for now. what do you think?
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Mar 8th 2007#176485 Report
Member since: Mar 8th 2007
Posts: 9
Very nice and good selection of colours.
Very good finish
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