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My work is absolutely great

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Oct 1st 2006#174729 Report
Member since: Sep 27th 2006
Posts: 2
Just kidding! I've been hammering away at photoshop for a couple o weeks. First thing I made was this header...

I think it is interesting and has a neat perspective going on but probably suffers from too many effects. This was about four days after I started using the program. Feedback is totally appreciated. I'd buy you a slice of pie if I could.

Then I made this CD cover which I think has a kind of classic look, although the type needs to be made a little stronger and more readable. Again, feedback is great.

Thanks people!
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Oct 2nd 2006#174737 Report
Member since: Oct 2nd 2006
Posts: 2
Nice CD cover, classics never die. The only thing I would suggest is the white on the left of the cover might want to dim it a little or make the writing as bright, my eye goes straight to the bright light and the words get lost a little.
The orange color really makes it pop, again nice work!

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Jan 24th 2007#176024 Report
Member since: Jan 24th 2007
Posts: 3
cool. i wouldnt say 'that sucks' if i saw it on a cd
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Feb 23rd 2007#176362 Report
Member since: Feb 22nd 2007
Posts: 5
SleeK said:lol
cool. i wouldnt say 'that sucks' if i saw it on a cd

i agree i think it looks good but i dont think it would sell as for a cd cover
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Feb 24th 2007#176374 Report
Member since: Nov 29th 2004
Posts: 24
I like what you did with the header. Perhaps a little extra work on the interaction of the Y and G letters, they are currently in a little too much clutter.
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Mar 8th 2007#176480 Report
Member since: Mar 8th 2007
Posts: 9
Good. Very nice work and excellent finish .
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