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Some shots from around my college campus.

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Jun 1st 2006#173107 Report
Member since: Sep 16th 2002
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Wow, I haven't posted here in ages... this place seems pretty dead now, let's see how this thread goes.

Now, I'm in no way a photographer, I just shot these for fun using a Casio point and shot... although, I am looking to buy a DSLR sometime soon (canon 10d or 350d or something)

bourns hall
they look like sails
more light
up down what?
this would confuse dogs

entire gallery can be found HERE

enjoy, critique, whatever... !!!
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Jun 1st 2006#173116 Report
Member since: Jan 1st 1970
I'll say it before Patteman does...

Why only one chick photo?!?! :D

I like the abstract architectural stuff... have you played with the levels on these shots? You could tweak your lighting / levels some. All in all, I really like them!
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Jun 2nd 2006#173129 Report
Member since: May 18th 2006
Posts: 15
I think these are great photos, well done. I love the way you have captured the modern style of your campus.
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Jun 2nd 2006#173132 Report
Member since: Jun 1st 2005
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A few nice shots there... The sails is my favourite, and the one with the girl in the shadows is cool too.
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