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iPod advert picture for me..

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Mar 29th 2006#172445 Report
Member since: Mar 29th 2006
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Please, Please, Please can someone make me an iPod picture!

For inspiration see this picture which was made for my friend:


This is the picture I want you to use of me (all look a way now LOL):

I would like the words "iPenge" on the top right corner of the picture in the iPod font, with me moved slightly to the left.

Could the colour be this on I think Photoshop: Blue #1379F9

Will be extremely greatful if any of you could make me this..


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May 10th 2006#172665 Report
Member since: May 10th 2006
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May 18th 2006#172886 Report
Member since: May 18th 2006
Posts: 15
Hey, i'm new here. I thought i would start by helping you out, as it seems that no one else has. I don't have the actual iPod font but i used another similar one.

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