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beach photos

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Dec 27th 2005#171898 Report
Member since: Apr 5th 2001
Posts: 2544
Hi people,

yesterday I went to the beach and brought along my camera.
You can find the photos in the gallery below.

Anything to improve on? Please give me some feedback!
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Dec 29th 2005#171916 Report
Member since: Sep 6th 2001
Posts: 3893
Those are some really awesome shots man. I espeically like the ones of the seaguls (birds whatever :p) and the footprints, the shells, and the people. The rest of them are really nice too... very picturesk :rolleyes: I don't really see anything to critique ;)
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Jan 25th 2006#172040 Report
Member since: Aug 27th 2002
Posts: 672
Great shots NL!

I see you finally bought the Rebel... Congrats man, I hope you're enjoying it!

You got also extremely good pictures in the "Gent" section.

What happened to your site btw? I gotta talk to you on msn!
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