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The eyes in the eggs.

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Dec 9th 2005#171768 Report
Member since: Dec 9th 2005
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Here's something I made not long ago.

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Dec 9th 2005#171770 Report
Member since: Apr 25th 2003
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Im not sure where, but I remember seeing this image before....its hard to forget the egg-eyes lol.

My only crit is I dont really see a connection between the different elements, eyes/eggs/background. They seem more like stand alone images, rather than a full concept.

I think if you could incorporate those a little better, it would help alot. Maybe have on egg (like the one in back) closed up more...but cracking. Right now both eggs are hatching at the same time. If you have one open, and one about to open a) it would be more interesting and b) it would enhance the "hatching effect". Maybe use more of the electricity in the background to surround the about-to-hatch egg.

Those are just random ideas im throwing out. Overall though I think it needs a feeling of movement and an idea is being "hatched" right in front of our eyes.
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