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alittle landscape vector

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Nov 15th 2005#171421 Report
Member since: Nov 15th 2005
Posts: 4
i made this image at school.....
it was my first attept a vector style artwork

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Nov 16th 2005#171430 Report
Member since: Jun 1st 2005
Posts: 436
nice image... Especially for a first effort.

BTw you can also upload to our free gallery facility (see links at top of page)
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Nov 16th 2005#171436 Report
Member since: Nov 15th 2005
Posts: 4
ill check that out...
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Dec 11th 2005#171791 Report
Member since: Apr 28th 2004
Posts: 140
Im a huge fan of vector artwork. Part of capturing that style is by using clean crisp easily distinquished lines and "decorative value" in a sense rather than using a gradient to show shading and form.

You have a good start on that in the ground and the trees, but not so much in the sky. Obviously its not a rule that you must keep it to solid shapes for an image to be considered vector, but its definately something that I see as a key part, and as far as I can tell you have a white, pink, and black gradient across the backround, a lense flair, and some stock butterflies with transparancy running along a path. Typically Id say stay away from lense flair filters or effects because they make images look fake and especially in terms of vector art dont really mesh with the overall style.

I love your concept, and Im not sure if you used photoshop or illustrator for this, or if Live-trace was part of that..but if you do have Illustrator CS2 id run an image through live-trace and see just exactly how it ends up looking. That's sorta what you wanna go for.
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