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May 10th 2005#168141 Report
Member since: May 3rd 2005
Posts: 7
Hi all.

Need some feedback on a few shots ive taken as part of my current college project.
Honest and constructive critiscism please.

- Taken just up from my house. Photoshopped giving it the dark contrast. -- 113kb

-Taken on the subway in London. Manually stitched (sloppy I know) with photoshop. -- 60kb

-My first panoramic attempt. Manually stitched with photoshop. -- 200kb

-Shot of my step brother sleeping in the car. Burned in photoshop. -- 155kb

-Toying around with purposely out of focus abstract type shots. -- 170kb

-Another panoramic taken in a poolhall. Tried to give the impression that my mate was ghosting around the table taking shots at speed (didnt work).
Sloppy stitch -- 170kb

Any comments welcome as they will be included as part of my evaluation.

Thanks in advance
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May 14th 2005#168199 Report
Member since: May 3rd 2005
Posts: 7
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May 14th 2005#168202 Report
Member since: Mar 10th 2005
Posts: 48
The pictures are great, I like the last one the most. Its kewl
You should act more confident in ur post cuz u got some real talent,
i wish i were that good at taking pictures, my pictures doesnt even fit in my
personal photoalbum :o
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May 15th 2005#168209 Report
Member since: May 3rd 2005
Posts: 7
Thankyou ensomulv
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May 16th 2005#168231 Report
Member since: Mar 3rd 2003
Posts: 640
Ya, you are doing really well. I gotta try and do a pano shot soon.
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