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misc photographs

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Apr 19th 2005#167655 Report
Member since: Aug 27th 2002
Posts: 672

I was working on my old photographs that I will put in my portfolio and I thought I could share a few of them with everyone right now!

These were taken during the past few years with my Pentax K2.
Critics and comments welcome!

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Apr 20th 2005#167676 Report
Member since: May 1st 2002
Posts: 3034
you came as far as P.E.I and didn't go to ns! we can't be friends anymore :(...

nice photo's though last one a bit dark! first one was really well composed nice color too! ;) the church one is nice, might want to bring the angle up just a bit on that one hard to tell if the the building is your subject or the rocks below! but over all it has a nice creative feel to it

tres bien!
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Apr 20th 2005#167695 Report
Member since: Aug 27th 2002
Posts: 672
How do you want me to have come in P.E.I without going through N.S? ;)

I didn't stay long in either places though, it was to go to the Madeleine Islands (dunno if that's the way to say it in english) back in 2000.
I would defenitely want to go back to Nova Scotia though and take more time to visit the place, I know there are great photos to take over there.

I have more photos of that trip I should be posting soon...

The main subject was the rocks, so that's why I didn't really pay attention to centre the church, but I guess I should have.

thanks for the comments
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Apr 27th 2005#167861 Report
Member since: Jan 1st 1970
I dunno, I find the church shot interesting because you're not sure what the focal is. You kind of drift back and forth between. I wouldn't shoot everything that way, but it's interesting for a contrast piece.
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May 3rd 2005#167992 Report
Member since: Oct 10th 2002
Posts: 218
Is it just me or did you remove the links to the pictures?
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May 3rd 2005#168002 Report
Member since: Aug 27th 2002
Posts: 672
Hmm no, everything is still there... Can't you see the thumbnails?
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