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a watch in box

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Mar 27th 2005#167000 Report
Member since: Feb 5th 2003
Posts: 64
I changed the leather texture making one of my own (EC - Swirl). I also put it into a nice 2d box.
Hope u like this one better. This is a 3d model superimposed on a 2d pic. I used 3 lights in rendering. This one looks good
1. closeup >>

2. in box >>
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Apr 6th 2005#167306 Report
Member since: Apr 28th 2004
Posts: 140
The watch looks almost like carbon, something non-lustrious. But its way better than anything i could do.
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Apr 7th 2005#167324 Report
Member since: Feb 5th 2003
Posts: 64
Yeah tnx. The chief objective here was the design. Materials are in 2nd place .Now modelling a pocket watch inc all mechanism.
Tnx anyway
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