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Random Goth Girl

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Feb 8th 2005#165506 Report
Member since: Mar 25th 2004
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Just my most recent, details at the bottom of the page.

Thanks for looking ~ Matt
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Feb 9th 2005#165535 Report
Member since: Oct 6th 2002
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Good job, but I'd really suggest looking up some anatomical references, and also, trying to more accurately render the figure before you beign to embellish aspects of it (ie. the figures' breasts). Although, it appears that you painted over a photo? If this is the case, then I'm afraid I can't really give you all too positive a response, because I'm an advocate of people trying to create something from scratch.

If this is in fact a paintover of a particular model, then I think I have to say that you ought to try to find more photographs of normal, non surgically, um...enhanced types as this person is, in more interesting poses. Also there's a definite advantage to drawing the whole figure, rather than a cropped in one as this is.

As for the coloring aspect, may I suggest 'picking a side' so to speak, and deciding if you want a more airbrushed or a more vectored look. It helps the overall look of the piece.
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