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Vector im working on

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Feb 2nd 2005#165357 Report
Member since: Feb 1st 2005
Posts: 2
Here's a vector im currently working on, i got a long way to go, hopefully it should be good when it's done, tell me what you think so far

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Feb 2nd 2005#165361 Report
Member since: Mar 11th 2004
Posts: 147
You're going strong, keep working on it.
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Feb 2nd 2005#165363 Report
Member since: Aug 12th 2002
Posts: 1693
I like where this is heading, but I would try to make even rounder shapes to get it to look really clean.
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Feb 6th 2005#165469 Report
Member since: Oct 21st 2003
Posts: 105
the clownlike dude reminds me in akira... nice work so far
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Feb 6th 2005#165470 Report
Member since: Feb 17th 2003
Posts: 2450
get that "Don't steal this" crap out of there. if somebody steals it - you've got the original file to prove it's yours
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