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work dump

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Jan 17th 2005#164772 Report
Member since: Sep 7th 2002
Posts: 928
Been busy,

Designed a book, cover, typeset printed and bound it, was fun

And a poster I just finished up for Seattle Rep

have fun :D

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Jan 17th 2005#164779 Report
Member since: Feb 17th 2003
Posts: 2450
I love both!

the cover is very appropriate... did you use one of the maps from the book? I know older versions of Treasure Island came with beautiful hand drawn maps - with skulls and "X marks the spot" - the works

funny enough that's the only book I ever made a cover for. I had a very old version and it no longer had covers - someone tore them off - before it came into my possession. But your cover is much nicer than mine
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Jan 17th 2005#164783 Report
Member since: Sep 7th 2002
Posts: 928
Thanks I didnt use that map, I found some old maps in the archived area of the library and then masked out various words so it was generic looking :D
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Jan 18th 2005#164790 Report
Member since: Apr 25th 2003
Posts: 1977
I love both also. Though the poster is my fav because of your use of type.... which really makes me want to know more about the "paino lesson" . It also has an movie kinda feel which i love.

The book is great.....i think "appropriate" just sums it up.
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Jan 18th 2005#164792 Report
Member since: Aug 27th 2002
Posts: 672
They look both very nice, but I prefer the book cover. I just love the colours you used and the whole "feeling" you get from it... some kind of mystic book that is 200 year old wich makes it special
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