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Colorful wallpaper

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Jan 1st 2005#164379 Report
Member since: Jan 26th 2003
Posts: 19

This is a wallpaper I made in photoshop 7.0.

I could gladly use some c&c so please tell me what you think about it..

I only uploaded one copy of the wallpaper and that one is in 1152x864 px resolution. And I also turned down the quality to make the file smaller.

Click me

I know the hosting on this site can be very slow.. all apologies..
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Jan 1st 2005#164382 Report
Member since: Aug 12th 2002
Posts: 1693
I think it's pretty nice!
I would mayby make it fade in to b/w...
or make it just in color.
I wouldn't maybe use it as a wallpaper, I always want something that is calming for the eyes.
but other people probably can use it :p
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