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Dec 31st 2004#164348 Report
Member since: Dec 2nd 2002
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It's a Chrysler ME Four Twelve concept. The car is nice looking but I had to change it up a little (ok, a lot). Here's the result when I got a hold of it.



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Dec 31st 2004#164351 Report
Member since: Nov 1st 2004
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I like the concept. Parts of the mod look rough. Also there is no blast on the far side of the car. Keep working on this one. (I say this because you stated before that you are the "hurry up and get it on the screen" type of guy.) I think the blast from the jets should be more transparent and then have it dusty where it hits the earth. Right now it looks like it is really sucking in a ton of dirt into the turbines. Maybe find a F 14 or some similar jet that is hitting its afterburners on the ground, and use that as a reference?

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