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Unsharp Masking

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Jun 3rd 2002#51208 Report
Member since: Nov 14th 2001
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By popular demand...

I highly recommend running an unsharp mask filter as the final step on every photo you post online. Here's how I do it:

My standard setting is to keep the Radius at or near 0.7 pixels, with a Threshold of 0. The Amount, well, that depends on the image, so you'll have to play with it. Typically, I won't go under 150 to 180 percent, but if you have a really nice original, you can go up in the 200's or even 300 percent. I guess that's why there's a preview window, eh?

OH! One other thing about Unsharp Masking. Always be sure your image is at 100% view. (this can be achieved by double clicking your magnifying glass tool) Anything else can drastically screw your image all up.

There are lots and lots of tricks for sharpening up your images, so if anyone has other techniques, or if I forgot something, post it!
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Jun 3rd 2002#51211 Report
Member since: Apr 14th 2002
Posts: 124
thanks! that definitly beets my sharpen:sharpen tecnique.
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Jun 3rd 2002#51218 Report
Member since: Mar 27th 2001
Posts: 2237
When you apply the Unsharp Mask filter to a color image, the filter automatically adjusts each color channel causing unwanted halos around the edges of your image. To keep this from happening, convert your image to Lab mode by choosing Image > Mode > Lab Color. Then apply the Unsharp Mask to the Lightness layer only in the Channels palette. This will bring out the detail without affecting the colors of your image.

Thats about all I have to add.
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Jun 3rd 2002#51233 Report
Member since: Feb 7th 2002
Posts: 1564
That, torn, was a good point. I've had that haloeffect and couldn't for the life of me get rid of it. Now I can ! Thx.
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Jun 3rd 2002#51347 Report
Member since: Jan 1st 1970
I just recently read that in a PS photo editing book. I thought, gee, sounds like a lot of extra work--they didn't really explain "why". Now I understand, thanks Chris.
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