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help, Best camara under 250 dollars

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Sep 2nd 2003#120202 Report
Member since: Nov 29th 2002
Posts: 69
Can anyone give some advice on buying a camara around 250 dollars more or less. Maybe til 300 but my budget is 250. I have been looking around . I been thinking maybe a sony. Since this is my first digital camara I would like to have a digital where I can get good quality pictures maybe the best i can get for 250 and have a camara that wont have problems in the future.

Thanks for anyone who helps.
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Sep 5th 2003#120690 Report
Member since: Nov 14th 2001
Posts: 1297
I'm not sure about under $200 dollars, but if you're looking for new or used camera equipment, KEH Camera is a really great place to look.

I just bought a lens there, and saved $100!

good luck!
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