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creamy water effect

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Jun 12th 2003#108091 Report
Member since: Jun 6th 2003
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can anyone give me a bit of help to acheive a creamy water effect when photographing water ive heard that you need to use a slow shutter speed but when i tried that the photo was just washed out white, im pretty new to photography so if anyone could tell me what settings to have my camera on it would be much appreciated.
my camera is a fuji 6900z
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Jun 12th 2003#108093 Report
Member since: Mar 24th 2002
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I'm a total noob to photography, but use a small ....hole thingie, so it won't take too much light. That combined with a very slow shutter should do it.
Oh, and use a tripod too, of course. :p
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Jun 12th 2003#108206 Report
Member since: Apr 25th 2003
Posts: 1977
Yes a tripod is needed (or atleast some flat object to sit your camera on) . You will need a large aperature...maybe like a 5.0 or even seven 7.0. You will need a slow shutter speed...something around 1 to 4 (+) seconds. For a "creamy effect" i would lower the contrast and sharpness of your camera. I would probably use black and white or a sepia. A color photo would be harder to pull off. Also your camera should be on ISO 100. But you could go maybe 200 or 400 depending on how you want your image to look.

What kinda water is this?? If its a large waterfall (or similar) then you really dont need to adjust anything (use an automatic mode) cause the water is traveling so fast it will naturally give you a creamy effect. If its like high tide on a beach or something...then i would change all the settings!

Hopefully thats kinda helpful. I havent set up a water shot for this kind of effect....but those settings (which you will have to experiment with...) would be my best guess.
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Jun 16th 2003#108706 Report
Member since: Jun 6th 2003
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thanks for the help ill have to go and do a bit of experimenting i should get there in the end.
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