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scanner suggestions?

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Jan 26th 2003#87554 Report
Member since: Jan 26th 2003
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i'm in the market for a new scanner. i shoot all analog, er, film photos and then scan my photos post-development. i have an ollllllld astra 1220S and i'm thinking about either the epson 2400 or the 2450. i don't know if the 2450 is worth the extra scratch, though.

any opinions? i'm looking to scan both prints and negatives. all 35 mm format. any other scanners besides the epsons worth looking at?

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Feb 18th 2003#91223 Report
Member since: Jan 10th 2003
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The epson is a great scanner,if you buy all of the inserts. I have a Canoscan D1250U2F which is all right. It scans 3200 dpi, and has the inserts. Look at Microtec too, they make this scanner that actually scans paper images on the flatbed, and slides and negatives INSIDE the scanner itself. Must have room on your desk for it though.
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