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Perfect Color

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Jan 11th 2003#85422 Report
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The Links above are some photos I took and enhanced. My teacher photoshopped the 1st one while I did Image two. I want to learn how to make the colors as bright and saturated like in Image one in my photo. How am I able to do that?

Please feel free to visit my gallery and leave me some feedback. Gallery
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Jan 11th 2003#85430 Report
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jesus how many times does this same post have to be made with different works and in different sections? ive just read this 3 times
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Jan 11th 2003#85436 Report
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hue/saturation or auto colors
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Jan 11th 2003#85441 Report
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DON'T CROSS POST.. Even if its important. Rules are rules.
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Jan 11th 2003#85510 Report
Member since: Aug 10th 2001
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A few adjustment layers should do the trick...

First we will boost the colors. Create a new Hue and Saturation Adjustment layer... Just slide the saturation slider to 35 (no more or you will get posterization... the color should be really rich, except the blue who sill have a cyan tint...

To solve this, just create a new Hue and Saturation Adjustment layer, and slide the Hue slider to +20 and Saturation to +15... Now water should be fine... Now the rest of the image was also affected, but since Adjustment layers have mask, just mask the area you want to retain the original color like the branch and leaves...
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