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Digital Camera Moire

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Nov 12th 2002#78053 Report
Member since: Jul 5th 2002
Posts: 17
Is there a good technique to remove or prevent a moiré pattern from a digital camera capture? I work for a small real estate newspaper and lately the majority of images we have received from Agents have been unretouched jpeg files from digital cameras. In many of them we are seeing a distinct moiré pattern, usually where the repeated geometric patterns in the design of the house exist. Typically this is usually the roof tiles, or siding of the house. I have tried to remove the moiré in PhotoShop using the filter>noise>deskpeckle, the filter>blur>gaussian blur and the filter>noise>median, and Katrin Eismann's LAB method all with limited and unsatisfactory results. Any suggestion?
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Nov 12th 2002#78080 Report
Member since: Aug 10th 2001
Posts: 793
Ckeck out these 2 plug-in, they make a good job a reducing grain and digital grain (There is no way to v=completely remove it)
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Nov 13th 2002#78240 Report
Member since: Sep 30th 2002
Posts: 22
you're almost there ......with the gaussian blur then after that i would use some Unsharp mask

i have yet to see a digital capture that did not need some type of Unsharp give it a try :o)

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Nov 27th 2002#80057 Report
Member since: Oct 3rd 2002
Posts: 9
Digital Moire is very hard to retouch out and almost impossible if the area has detail in it you want to keep. Have your photographers take more than one shot. If they are hand holding the camera, then each shot will be tilted slightly different from the next one. The moire pattern may not appear in the same spot. Then cut and past parts of each to make one good one.
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Nov 27th 2002#80095 Report
Member since: Mar 18th 2001
Posts: 1501
I create marketing tear sheets and brochures for high pricetag real estate and I know all to well the problems you're having.

The best answer is to make sure the image is as high-resolution as possible.

Failing that, I've had good luck using the "Equalizer" plugin from KPT6. In case you're unfamiliar with this, it is a discresionary image sharpener, that splits images into "channels" based on different ranges of image feature resolution, which can then be sharpened and blurred independently.. It's kind of tough to describe, but can work woders that Photoshop's USM can't touch. Highly recommended.
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Nov 28th 2002#80155 Report
Member since: Jul 5th 2002
Posts: 17
Do you have a website for KPT6?
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Nov 28th 2002#80228 Report
Member since: Mar 18th 2001
Posts: 1501

Just do a google search, or have a look at any computer catalog...Try
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Dec 10th 2002#81732 Report
Member since: Oct 9th 2001
Posts: 426
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Dec 13th 2002#82036 Report
Member since: Dec 11th 2002
Posts: 7
I highly recommend the Eye Fidelity Tools plugin by DVP. It is the best I've tried. You can remove moire and enhance the colors at the same time. Here's a website with a demo.
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