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Illustrator Jpeg issue

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Aug 4th 2009#198231 Report
Member since: Aug 4th 2009
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Hey guys,

Illustrator indicates that my artwork is 8.3 inches wide, but when I save it as a pdf (press quality default settings) my jpegs look distored (vectors are perfect).

I also noticed that the actual displayed size, even though Illustrator says it is 8.3 inches, is not that large when set at 100%. When saved as a pdf however, it is 8.3 inches.

I have included my .ai file in case anyone wants to take a peak
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Aug 8th 2009#198259 Report
Member since: Feb 22nd 2008
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Hey ceen. Can you tell me, exactly, how the jpegs look distorted? What are you seeing? I opened up your attached file then saved it as a pdf, and honestly, it looked fine to me. Maybe I'm missing something?
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