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Making a Logo

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Nov 1st 2005#171207 Report
Member since: Oct 28th 2005
Posts: 21
This was a tutorial by: Mihai Panu-Ionascu (a truly inspirational vector artist)

I know this is supposed to be an Illustrator tutorial…and it is. But since it’s about logos – let’s talk a little about what makes a logo good. First of all a logo must be simple enough to remember. Nobody wants to frown and squeeze his or her brains out to figure what your logo means. It’s a small drawing that represents something not an IQ test. So you either need to make your drawing as sketchy as possible or as recognizable as possible. If you want a car in your logo – don’t draw the decals and name of manufacturer on the tires. It only ......
Tutorial is here Making a Logo

If you have any questions or comments regarding this tutorial please post it in this thread
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Nov 13th 2005#171368 Report
Member since: Sep 25th 2005
Posts: 21
we need more of those. Im trying to make vector desings for a plotter to cut out. help me out if ya have time.thanks
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Jul 11th 2006#173847 Report
Member since: Jul 11th 2006
Posts: 7
Cool ill try this for my site.
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Jul 29th 2006#174074 Report
Member since: May 15th 2003
Posts: 27
Thats a great tut for beginners
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