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Rollover Interactivity with Actionscripting

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Oct 31st 2005#171186 Report
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One technique seen on a lot of Flash sites these days is an animation triggered by a rollover. I've experimented with different ways of making this work, but my buddy Josh at Digital Cornerstone came up with some very clean actionscripting that works great. We're going to walk through an example of how to do this, and while the animation we're using is very simple (you can see our example off to the left) the principle of the scripting involved can be applied to far more advanced Flash. This isn't a beginner tutorial so you should at least be familiar with creating symbols, using movie clips, and using actions with buttons before starting. You can ......
Tutorial is here Rollover Interactivity with Actionscripting

If you have any questions or comments regarding this tutorial please post it in this thread
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Mar 14th 2012#215024 Report
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Thank you for your effort, very glad that you gave this to us. It’s some pretty great and valuable reading.
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