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have a question: Multiple bushes in one

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Jan 26th 2011#202776 Report
Member since: Jan 26th 2011
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Hello, Ive been looking all over for a tutorial to see if there is a way to have multiple bushes in 1. For instance say you have 25 different paint splatters, now you want your main brush for those to randomly choose between the 25 on each click/drag eg: ( first click brush 4 second click brush 22). Creating a very random paint splatter on your canvas. Imagine that you now have 25 bushes and all of them with there own settings, possibly multi colored and dragging that across your canvas. That would have to be interesting. Is there a way to do this? I do know you can have your brush spin, change its size, step ect. But if I could have a brush tool that would allow you to choose up to as many brushes in 1 as you want, that would save me tons of time when trying to create something random. If your a seamless texture designer like myself you know what i'm talking about :D
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Jan 27th 2011#202778 Report
Member since: May 16th 2008
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Hmmm, never heard of that idea, finding hard to see using it.but where there is a will there is a way.I just Know it lol
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Feb 9th 2012#213378 Report
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I think that is difficult..
It is to much a customized brushes.. I doubt it if it is available and anayone is thinking of developing that.. btw don't loss hope you van find it if you work for it.. :D

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